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Steaks menu


Basket with village bread and sesame covered crostini accompanied with olive paste to dip€3.20
Pita bread / garlic bread€2.20 / €2.90

Cold mezedes
small savoury dishes in the greek tradition best enjoyed with our village bread or pita bread

Tarama salad (fish roe cream)€4.80
Tzatziki€ 3.90
Melitzanosalata (aubergine salad)€ 4.80
Houmous€ 4.20
Gigantes beans€ 4.20
Ntolmades gialanzi€ 7.20
Sea urchin meze a great local delicacy not for the faint hearted€ 15.00
Mixed plate of dips with house baked pita bread€ 9.40

Hot mezedes

Pitaroudia, local speciality of ground chickpeas mixed with tomato and fresh herbs rolled to flat patties and fried€ 6.80
Meatballs 100% ground prime quality beef€ 7.60
Spinach pie€ 6.40
Traditional sausage$9.99
Home made french fries deep fried in olive oil€ 4.20
Fried calamari€ 8.70
Fresh sardines€ 7.80
Variety of cold & hot mezedes for two€ 14.00

First course
ideal for sharing or as light main course

Shrimps saganaki with crumbled feta cheese in a rich tomato sauce€ 9.80
ratatouille of aubergines, courgettes, fennel and red peppers in a delicious tomato fondue a summer classic€ 9.60
Grilled octopus with santorini split pea puree and caramelised onions€ 15.00
Tiny simi shrimp with homemade mayonnaise€ 9.80
Crunchy sticks filled with goat cheese from the island of chios and tomato vinaigrette€ 8.40
Lahanontolmades cabbage rolls filled with a mix of rice & ground pork on a sauce of egg and lemon€ 8.80
Fresh mussels€ 9.80
Bottarga 40 gr. the greek caviar grey mullet roe recognised as the best roe for bottarga around the world€ 18.00
Calamari cut spaghetti style - with basil pesto on home made thin potato sticks€ 11.40
Grilled calamari served with a tomato salsa topped with lemon and olive oil sauce infused with mint€ 5.50/ 100 gr.
Salatouri. Wine poached skate in Rhode’s wine with onion, parsley and lemon€ 12.80


Greek village salad€ 6.20 / € 7.80
Bulgur salad with fresh tomato, cucumber, aromatic herbs and smoked salmon€ 9.50
Summer salad with anchovies, tomato, herbs and mizithra cheese on barley rasks€ 7.80
Sea food salad€ 9.50
Rocket salad with cherry tomatoes, baked anthotiro cheese and a reduction of balsamic vinegar€ 10.80
Marinated anchovies with cherry tomatoes, roasted florina pepper and xinomizithra (sour cured cheese) drizzled with high quality olive oil€ 11.80

Greek main specialties

Veal tail with greek orzo in a hearty risotto style but very greek dish€ 13.80
Mousaka with aubergines, fresh 100% prime quality ground beef and cream sauce€ 9.80
Lamb cooked in a traditional greek pot with potatoes, green beans, tomato and onions€ 18.70
Pork belly cooked sous vide (16 hrs)€ 14.70
Greek style orzo rissoto with shrimps and moschato of samos€ 19.40
Soutzoukakia meatballs made of pork, lamb and beef meat with a thick tomato sauce€ 9.80

Meat proudly sourced

Black angus fillet (170 gr), grilled to your choiceserved with potatoes dauphinoise and with one of our home made sauces€ 26.80
Black angus rib eye (280gr), served with french fries€ 25.80
Black angus picanhia, served with fresh french fries or baked potato€ 20.80
Bavett of wagyu beef (4-5 grates), served with smoked aubergine puree and onion parcel€ 30.00
Pork souvlaki with pita served with fresh french fries or baked potato€ 10.80
Chicken souvlaki with pita served with fresh french fries or baked potato€ 11.90
Black angus beef souvlaki with mushrooms & peppers on the skewer€ 18.40
Lamp souvlaki with mushrooms & peppers on the skewer€ 15.50
Lamb and beef ground meat kebab on the grill served with french fries and yoghurt sauce€ 13.80
Mix grill for two lamb, pork and chicken souvlaki, sausage and a beef patty with two different dips, pita bread and french fries€ 38.60

Fish in season
available when in local market - to insure freshness

Fillet of yellowfin tuna with assyrtiko vinegar and marinated peppers€ 22.80
Amberjack fillet with thick lemon and olive oil sauce on a bed of potato€ 24.50
Pan fried fillet of seabass with fennel saffron sauce on a bed of greek beans€ 19.50
Skate wing in lemon & butter sauce with cauliflower puree€ 19.00
Fresh aegean sea lobster-koloxtupa€ 9.50 / 100 gr.
Whole roast gild-head bream served with vegetables of the day€ 4.50 / 100 gr.

Pasta | Kids menu


Spaghetti bolognaise€ 9.80
Lobster spaghetti for two€ 95.00 / kg
Linguine with sea food (mussels - calamari - schrimps)€ 17.60

Kids menu

Beef patty with french fries€ 6.50
Spaghetti bolognese€ 6.00
Spaghetti with cheese€ 5.00
Drinks menu

Drink suggestions


Mythos bottle | 0.50 lt |€ 4.40
Alfa bottle | 0.50 lt |€ 4.00


Glass of house ouzo€ 4.20
Babatzim ouzo€ 4.80
Varvagianni ouzo€ 4.80
Ouzo carafaki plomariou isidorou arvanitou€ 9.80


Gin | Vodka | Rum | Pernod | Fernet | Martini | Tequila | Grappa€ 5.00
Whiskey regular, Johnie walker red label | White horse€ 5.80
Whiskey special Johnie walker black label |Dimple | Chivas regal 12 years€ 7.80


With coca-cola, Whiskey cola | Bacardi cola | Brandy cola€ 6.00
With soda, Campari soda | Gin soda€ 6.00
With orange juice, Campari orange | Vodka orange€ 6.00
With tonic Gin tonic€ 6.00


Grand marnier | Tia maria | Drambuie | Cointreau | Eoliki | Kahlua | Bailey’s€ 6.80


Metaxa ***€ 4.20
Metaxa *****€ 4.50
Metaxa golden€ 5.30
Henessy v.s.o.p€ 9.50


Margarita, tequila - triple sec - sour mix & a dash of lemon€ 7.80
Mojito, white rum - lime wedges squeezed with brown sugar - mint leafs - topped with soda€ 7.80
Blue hawaii, white rum - pineapple juice - blue curacao & sweet and sour mix€ 7.80
Pina colada, white rum - pineapple juice - coconut cream & cream€ 7.80
Black russian, vodka - kahlua€ 7.80
San francisco, vodka - creme de banana€ 7.80
Gin fizz, gin - soda & a dash of lime€ 7.80
Alexander, gin - creme de cacao & cream€ 7.80
Loumoumba, brandy & chocolate milk€ 7.80
Drinks menu

Drink suggestions alcohol free

Juices | Refreshments | Bottled water

Freshly squeezed juice (orange / lemon)€ 3.90
Fruit juices (kiwi / grape / apple)€ 3.50
Fruit puch alcohol free€ 4.50
Coca cola | Seven-up | Orangeade | Lemonade | Tonic | Soda€ 2.90
Natural still water 1 lt.€ 2.90
Sparkling water 330 ml. / 750 ml. € 2.90 / € 4.50
Agua panna 750 ml.€ 5.50


Greek coffee€ 2.50
Espresso€ 2.50
Cappuccino€ 3.50
Cafe latte€ 3.50
Irish coffee€ 7.50
Nescafe€ 2.80
Frappe€ 2.80
Iced frappe with ice-cream€ 4.50
Milk shake€ 4.50
Tea€ 2.80
Chocolate€ 3.50